Among the rich functionality of Prolet:STEPS, we have selected seven features to review.


Unified and harmonious environment for planning, reporting and control! End of manually transferring data from one system to another. End to the chaos of data scattered on countless computers of employees. End of endless phone calls for clarification between employees. All in a single system. From planning, through reporting to control.

Deliveries are made by long chain of different people. They should be able to seamlessly share information to work effectively! Integral system means that any change to the data in it immediately affects all concerned and is visible right away!

Integral system is one that is the only source of information for everyone in the company. One medium that merges even external data from specialized services and external partners. As GIS services. Or Fleet information service.

INTEGRITY - Should you be in the office to work with the system? Do you need special settings? Do you need special software? No, no and no. Only internet access. That's it. You may know that already some airlines provide Internet access at 10,000 meters above the ground?

INTEGRITY - in road freight business there are three main types of services: courier, cargo and whole or partial loads. Each one is a transport task - pickup and delivery. But all three types have their specifics. There are many different solutions for each type. Would not it be great if they can all be managed in a single system? This is our solution.


Let's start with an example. Customer comes and requests an offer. How would you set the price? Probably you will sit, think, look at the upper right corner and ... judging from experience will give a price. Wouldn't it be great if you have a tool that lets you know exactly what are your transportation costs for any shipment. Then it is easy to set a price. Well, we provide that tool. Yes, we have built a system of prime cost calculation for each shipment. Every single shipment! The important thing is that this mechanism has rich option set to adjust to your specifics. Indispensable for bidding. Really.

PRIME COST - In addition to the advantages in pricing and bidding, the preliminary determination of prime costs allows targeting and budgeting. Employees can have clear objectives. More than that: they can constantly monitored.

PRIME COST - Determination of the cost of each individual shipment gives another significant advantage: while still running the current accounting period, you have the option to do profitability analysis. There is no need to wait for your accountants to do whatever sacral thing they usually do and only then, to have the information about your results. No. We give a clear picture even as things happen. Fantastic, isn't it?


Important events in the logistics and transportation occur in the real world: on the street, in stores and shops. There is the battlefield. Should you wait for someone to come back to the office, to make it clear what he has done? Should there be operators to enter up this data? This is obsolete. We believe that the information must be collected while the events do happen. And the more data, the better.

We have bet on the phone - the Android smartphone - as a primary work device for anyone who will do the deliveries. The phone as a universal tool. The phone as a means that all we have nowadays anyway.

We have developed a special application for Android, which operates independently. It periodically synchronizes with the main system. It show the courier his new tasks without anyone in particular to call him. The courier can mark what he has done. Or take pictures of the packages. Or call directly the contact details for each delivery. To collect proof of delivery signatures - right on your phone screen! With mobile fiscal printer can print invoices, receipts, records, receipts. And anything done by the operator in near real time is transmitted back into the system. No need for additional operators to input any data subsequently. Everything happens automatically. Amazing, is not it!


It seems that the word magic is more suitable for this functionality. Imagine the following scenario: customer enters a new request for collection in your system. The address is entered in one field. And regardless of spelling mistakes, in the next moment, without any operator to intervene, a selected driver receives the task to collected the new shipment. This is a magic!


Each logistic tasks has specified time-frame for delivery. Does it happen some of your cargo to be late? It do happens. Do you want to have statistics of how many of your cargo goes late? And why? Do you want to have a measurable quality indicators? And do you want to find out delays even while the cargo in on the move to its destination rather than after the delivery when it is too late?

We do have a solution for you.


We do live in revolutionary times!

The introduction of the iPhone opened the door for an incredible opportunities. A relatively inexpensive device combines a phone, an Internet communicator, a camera, a scanner, a GPS tracker, a computer and many other seemingly small sensors. And there are already smartphones with specifications of a server from ten years ago! And they are becoming more prevalent. To the extent that businesses could benefit from the fact that employees and / or partners have such personal devices! Loss of the device can be quickly replaced - no need for specialized suppliers of industrial mobile!

Combining so many devices in one provides unique opportunities! We quickly discovered that there is always more information that can be collected that helps in any workflow.

What would you say if you can know if the employee has phoned the customer for the delivery or not? And how long has he talked to him? Or do you know the place where was the employee, when he set successful delivery status?

Another example. How usually the process of taking damaged package photos handled? Perhaps you have seen a process in which a man with digital camera walks and shoots the damaged packages. Then the images are downloaded from the camera to a computer and manually associated one-by-one. Which picture to what package has? How about a process in which a telephone scans a barcode tag first and then shoots the damaged box? And that's it! Image immediately becomes available for processing in the Insurance Department, as it is automatically uploaded and associated.

It's amazing really, what new horizons appear!


Do you already have a system you are happy with? And you just want to upgrade it with a module for real time data collection? We have two ready solutions for you: for handling of deliveries as well as for goods distribution.

With our solutions you can with a small investment to expand greatly an existing system. Because much of the essence of any business is to have a real, timely data.